Spin-Waals group


At Spin-Waals group we are interested in understanding the electronic and optical properties of magnetic van der Waals heterostructures by means of advanced computational methods and first-principles calculations. These materials are the building blocks of future spintronic nanodevices and new emerging quantum technologies. For this reason, at the Spin-Waals group we aim to find novel applications based on the exotic properties of these metamaterials.        

Group Members

David Soriano

Gen-T Distinguished researcher 


David Sanz Ruiz

PhD Student 

Montserrat Navarro 

Visiting Master student (UNAM)

 Recent Publications

Electrically tunable lateral spin-valve transistor based on bilayer CrI3. D. Marian, D. Soriano, Emmanuele Cannavó, Enrique G. Marín, Gianluca Fiori, npj 2D Materials & Applications  7, 42 (2023) (web)

News & Views: Uncovering magnetic interactions in moiré magnets. D. Soriano, Nature Computational Science (Accepted for publication)

Monolayer-to-mesoscale modulation of the optical properties in 2D CrI3 mapped by hyperspectral microscopy. M. Galbiati, F. Ramiro-Manzano, J. J. Pérez-Grau, F. Cantos-Prieto, J. Meseguer-Sánchez, I. Kosic, F. Mione, A. Pallarés-Vilar, A. Cantarero, D. Soriano, E. Navarro-Moratalla, Physical Review Letters 130, 176901 (2023) (web)

Rhombohedral-stacked bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides for high-performance atomically thin CMOS devices. X. Li, X. Shi, D. Marian, D. Soriano, T. Cusati, G. Iannacone, G. Fiori, q. Guo, W. Zhao, Y. Wu, Science Advances  9, ade5706 (2023) (web)

Domain wall formation and magnon localization in twisted chromium trihalides. D. Soriano, Physica Status Solidi RRL  2022, 2200078 (2022) (web)

Environmental screening and ligand-field effects to magnetism in CrI3 monolayer. D. Soriano, A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson & M. Rösner, npj Computational Materials 7, 162 (2021) (web)

Exchange-bias controlled correlations in magnetically encapsulated twisted van der Waals dichalcogenides. D. Soriano & J. L. Lado, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53, 474001 (2020) (web)

Magnetic two-dimensional chromium trihalides: A theoretical perspective. D. Soriano, M. I. Katsnelson & J. Fernández-Rossier, Nano Letters 20, 6225 - 6234 (2020) (web)

Magnetic polaron and antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic transition in doped bilayer CrI3. D. Soriano & M. I. Katsnelson, Physical Review B 101, 041402(R) (2020) (web)